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Our main objective is the complete satisfaction of our artists, who can leave their opinions publicly.


We make every effort to secure data exchanges, and PayPal™ secures your purchases!

A next-generation studio

Our aim is to make mixing and mastering easily accessible to all artists: that's why we've developed this platform. It allows you to quickly get in touch with us and place an order directly online, then discuss your project or the changes you need to make.

For all artists

Before being specialized sound engineers, we are ourselves independent artists. We know how difficult it is these days to find studios that take young artists seriously, and offer affordable rates. So we treat everyone with the same seriousness and professionalism that we apply to our own creations.

A high-quality experience

To mix and master your recordings, we use all our know-how and all the means at our disposal to achieve your complete satisfaction. We are constantly striving to improve our technical and creative processes, as well as your user experience, in order to make everything as pleasant and qualitative as possible.

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Super mastering. Mon morceau sonne bien mieux, rien à dire !


Très bon travail !!


à l'écoute, je suis satisfait

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